DC Comics: Still Petrified of Package

I don't know why I'm surprised.
But I mean, there was no uproar like the Citizen Steel thing generated.
I guess, at the very least, they didn't alter the actual artwork. Still...

Here's the beautiful art that Rodolfo Migliari created for GREEN LANTERN CORPS #27, and DC's "dressed up" version:
At least Luke Ross threw us a bone. Errr, so to speak...


  1. I guess there's no hope for a WATCHMEN Special Edition with a foil embossed Dr. Manhattan cover in all his penile glory, eh?

    Is penile a word?

  2. HA! Dan Didio would spin in his grave!!

    If he were dead, I mean...

    Yeah, I think that's a word. And if it's not -- it should be!!