When I bought the Batman Gotham Knight DVD for the "Wonder Woman Preview," I was expecting something that would show what the movie would look like. Not a behind the scenes chat with the people...well, behind the scenes. Boring.
But now Yahoo! Movies has got an actual Wonder Woman trailer!!!
Unfortunately, Yahoo! Movies is effin' lame and doesn't have an embed feature. Boo. But here are some screen caps:
I'm kinda excited about it. But I really hate the costume design. I've always been bugged when artists felt the need to wrap the "WW" around to her back. Why? And now here it is in all it's hideous glory.
Plus: What is that thing on her chest supposed to be? It doesn't look like 2 W's, and it doesn't look like an eagle. So what is it? It looks like a single W with two extra thingies for no apparent reason...
Sometimes I think people are stupid.

But I still can't wait until February 2009!!!


  1. Maybe its the Weezer logo :-)

  2. That would explain it.

    Now if they changed her name to Weezer Woman, I wouldn't have a problem with it...