Captain America stands out!

So, being unfamilar with Rodolfo Migliari's work (he who drew the cover to GREEN LANTERN CORPS #27), I did a little internet research. I was stunned by what I found.
After all the turmoil the web-world endured over Citizen Steel...I can't believe there was no hubbub over this one.
I didn't come across so much as a message board post about it. Marvel apparently wasn't too worried about it. They didn't alter the artwork or try and hide it.
And this one is blatant.
In-your-face blatant.
On-your-knees in-your-face blatant.
Look at the detail in the folds of the fabric! And no one cried out for censorship!?
That's not even average-Joe packaging. That's ample. Where were the rapid fanboys?
And there are nipples! Didn't Joel Schumacher get a lot of crap for nipples?

Citizen Steel had to be neutered...

Boggles. The. Mind.


  1. Just goes to show that being popular and well-known really sucks. EVERYONE knows who Alex Ross is, so his work is automatically held to closer, er, SCRUTINY than someone who's relatively unknown. It's probably only because picking on the more well-known artist is SO EASY for the average fair-weather fanboy. ;-)

  2. I guess Rodolfo Migliari uses gay porn for reference, which is okay by me. :) Not sure why DC is so freaked out about bulges and boobs. I'm interested to see how they handle the cover to VIXEN #1 since the original artwork clearly shows big nipples.

  3. sea: You're probably right. Add to Rodolfo being unknown, back in 2001 Cap probably didn't have the following he's had recently, so nobody really cared.

    doug: Go gay porn! LOL. We'll have to keep our eyes open for that VIXEN #1...

    mike: I know!

  4. I think I can tell what religion Cap is.

  5. {I think I can tell what religion Cap is.}

    Of course you can, he's American, so therefore he must be Christian! ;)