Citizen Steel and Power Girl - Cosmetic Dehancement

When the solicitations for the July DC Comics came out, they included a hot Alex Ross cover for Justice Society of America 7 featuring Citizen Steel which caused some internet hub bub. Imagine my dismay when the actual comics came out: They had taken away Steel's Express Overnight Special Delivery package and left him with Media Mail. :( I'm used to straight, sexually-insecure male artists being afraid to draw male heroes in an anatomically-correct way, but if the artist isn't afraid to be real, leave the art alone!!! For pete's sake!
Although, to be fair, they'll do the same thing to some images of lady heroes, too. Case in point: Last month's Justice League of America 10. Michael Turner apparently went a little overboard with Power Girl's bra size, so DC whacked off a couple cups before publication.
Anyway, judge for yourself. Here are the solicited covers, the printed covers and a couple of Flash animations that emphasize the de-emphasis. Enjoy.
Justice Society of America 7. September 2007
Justice League of America 10. August 2007
The more things change...


  1. Love the throbbing effect. Did you make those?

  2. Yep. I Photoshopped 'em to get everything lined up, then got a program off download.com called Sqirlz Morph to mesh 'em together and turn 'em into Flash. They turned out better than I was expecting, so I'm kinda happy with 'em!!! :D

  3. What's interesting about the Powergirl image is that while the overall size might be smaller, thew shadeing has been increased, so the overall effect is still a massive chest.

  4. I'm really happy with the way they turned out, too.

  5. Oh my, those animations are hypnotic. The PG one would make an awesome icon if it were 100x100. The Citizen Steel one too, but I don't know if you'd be able to see it well enough at reduced size...

  6. What's irritating about the PG adjustment is that her breasts are still anatomically atrocious. Breasts do not jut out horizontally without starting somewhere in the vicinity of one's neck. *mutter*

  7. the pulsing! the throbbing!

    i love it!

  8. Those are awesome. And brilliant.

    They're brawlsome.

  9. Rich - Thanks!!

    arielladrake - You are correct! But what can ya do? It was drawn by Michael Turner. Nuff said.

    stevieD loves the pulsing and throbbing. Must be a bad boy!!

    Anonymous - Brawlsome is my new favorite word!!!