Teen Titans @ SDCC

Surfing the web for interesting news from San Diego Comic Con.

Toy News International has some cool pics from an upcoming DC Direct series. I hadn't even heard any rumors about this one (and DC Direct's website doesn't mention it). It kinda rocks!! NEW TEEN TITANS Series 2 (and it's only taken 7 years!):

Newsarama has the news on the upcoming TITANS EAST SPECIAL, which leads into an ongoing series (teased to maybe or maybe not be called TITANS EAST). Written by Judd Winnick, art by Ian Churchill (why?):

Newsarama also has the cover image for TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE in their DC: New Worlds Order article. But they don't mention anything about it (?):


  1. Oh fuck, those toys are BEAUTIFUL. I hadn't come across any toy news out of San Diego yet. Thank you for finding these pictures.

  2. I'm just awesome like that.

    I actually went to the ToyNewsI site looking for something else. Can't even remember what now. And I saw they had news on the DC stuff from San Diego. So I went to look at it and found the Titans. I was screaming.

    They also had some Mattel stuff. Looks like they're doing a line called "DC Classics" or something. They have a totally hot Red Tornado figure. I can't wait!

  3. I'll have to check out the site, even though I have too much to buy as it is.... I blame you.

  4. Well it's not a sales site (although it's overrun with advertising), it's just a news site for toys. Sometimes I rememember to go there and check out what's coming up.