Wonder Woman - Thought Factory poster - 1977

Here's another blast from the past. I never owned one of these back in the day. Although I do remember seeing the display for them at KB Toys in Southcenter Mall.

Gosh, the world would be a much less happy place without eBay. LOL!


  1. Hi. I remember too seeing this poster during my childhood. I understand there was a Superman poster and a Batman poster by the same company. Do you have any photos of those?

    BTW This blog is awesome!

  2. Thanks Emilio!!

    I don't have any photos of the Superman or Batman posters. I do have them, but they're put away in storage. If I ever get a chance to dig them out, I'll take some pics. Wonder Woman was easy because it's hanging on the wall. LOL.

    Thought Factory also did posters for Shazam!, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America and (maybe) Thor (I think). Not sure how many others.

  3. check out yardsellr.com there are some of these for sale