Justice Guild Unlimited - Fan-made opening credits

While surfing YouTube I found a fun video, created by KalEl1029, that uses scenes from the first season Justice League episode, "Legends," to create opening credits for a new series: "Justice Guild Unlimited." He did a really fun job!! I'd watch it.

For people unfamiliar with the opening credits for "Justice League Unlimited," on which the above is base, here's a look a those official opening credits:

I love YouTube!!


Comics in my Future:

This is what my shipment from Discount Comic Book Service is scheduled to include from this week. The bitch is, because of the friggin' holiday, I won't see them until Monday. That sucks...

52 Vol. 1 TP - I don't know why I'm getting this, since I faithfully bought the entire series. But I guess I just want an easier way to access it, than sifting through 52 individual issues.
Amazons Attack #2
Countdown #48 - I kinda like it, but I hope it picks up some steam soon. Not nearly as exciting as 52 was.
DC Comics Covergirls Previews Exclusive HC
Green Lantern #20
JSA Classified #26
Justice Society of America #6
Pacesetter: The George Perez Magazine #8
Teen Titans #47
Teen Titans Go #43

Famous 1st Editions. 1974-1979

Y'know, I absolutely loved the giant-size (10"x13") Famous 1st Editions that DC put out in the 7os.

Even though I own most of these in the Millenium Editons (put out a few years back), if I feel the need to read any of these stories, I'd prefer to pull out the tabloid versions.

I can't even tell you why. I don't know what it was/is about them. But they're just awesome. I guess I'm more of a golden age fan than I used to believe. I really dig the innocence of the time and some of the stories. And the simplicity of the plots and art work.

They're just fun!

Oh yeah, P.S., this is a scan I stole from a website because I was too lazy to dig out and scan mine. Mine is in much better condition than this. Not that it's an important factoid...but I just thought I'd share, because it's my blog...and I can.


Get over it.

Ultimate Fighting

This is the cover to the May 28 issue of Sports Illustrated.

I don't read the magazine. I don't care about sports. I know nothing about Ultimate Fighting, and have a feeling I wouldn't care too much to watch it.

But damn, this cover is kinda hot.

I just wanted to share it. LOL!


Super-Team Family 4. May 1976

Here's another fun one. This one happened a couple of years after the Wonder Woman incident, and apparently I'd learned about golden-age heroes or Earth-2 or something, because the story features a Green Lantern and Flash who are not "mine," and I don't have a problem with it. LOL!

I can't tell you anything about the story other than what you can get from the cover: It's the Justice Society vs Solomon Grundy. What I do remember on this one is sittling on my dad's lap at the kitchen table and recording the story into my tape recorder. We split up the characters and read the story aloud like a radio show.

I can't remember who did Solomon Grundy, but who ever did spoke into an empty coffee can to get a scary, echo-y voice. I'm not even sure whose idea that was. But it made for a cool effect. At least this 10 year-old boy thought so, LOL!

Y'know...I miss reading comics with my dad.



Batman vs Superman - trailer

Okay, to get the bad taste out of our mouths from Superman/Batman #35...here's a fan-made trailer for a Batman/Superman movie.

It stars Michael Keaton and Dean Cain. Now whether or not you agree with the casting, it's pretty well edited together and kinda fun. The only thing that makes no sense is that it's called "Batman vs Superman." Yet nowhere in the trailer are they against each other about anything. They're just working together. I don't know, I didn't make it, I just like it.

Superman/Batman 35. July 2007

WTF? Wow. Could this book be anymore craptastic?

First of all, Pat Lee's "art" makes the thing nearly unreadable. Why do they keep bringing him back? The redesigned Metal Men are hideous. I definitely won't be buying their mini-series when it comes out.

Second, it's kinda confusing: Superman and Batman act like they have no idea who Dr. Magnus and the Metal Men are. I guess that all their previous appearances must've taken place on one of the other earths in the Multiverse and this is their first appearance on New Earth.

Of course, that makes the introduction of Copper completely stupid. The Metal Men are so new, that Magnus hasn't even finished constructing Gold, since his material is hard to come by without adequate funding. But he introduces Copper as his newest Metal Man. But if this is their first appearance...then all of the Metal Men are technically "new," regardless of the order in which they were created.

It's just crap.

I can't believe Marc Guggenheim's name is on this garbage. His Flash and Brothers & Sisters are so good! This just ain't!


Flash 225. February 1974

Although the cover date on this one predates all the rest (so far), I didn't get this one new. So I assume it came along slightly later.

I do remember where I bought it, though: on my front porch! My best friend (from kindergarten to about 6th grade), Teddy, was carrying a box of paperbacks and comics door-to-door, selling them. Of course I had to dig through it and see what was there. This was one of them (really, the only one I remember from that day).

My memory with this one is: Teddy and I concluded that since Reverse-Flash was the opposite of the Flash that yellow was the opposite of red. And, somehow, this extended to Green Lantern and his captor. Green was the opposite of blue.

I don't know how we came up with it. I guess since Flash and R-Flash were side-by-side and opposites, that GL and the blue guy must be opposites, too!! Ah, youth.

But we were certain!!

Wonder Woman 217. May 1975

On this one, I only remember the cover, really, and that's only because it ticked me off, LOL!

This was (if you check the dates) shortly after I began my love affair with Mike Grell. When I saw this comic I about freaked!!

Mike Grell drawing Wonder Woman!!!

Except that he didn't. It was just the cover. :(

This was probably were I learned the lesson, never judge a book by it's cover...


Wonder Woman 9. July 2007

I have to say that I absolutely love this cover!!! It's awesome. Definitely one of my all-time fave WW covers. (Hmm, maybe that'll be a subject I cover in my blog, heh)

This is Jodi Picoult's 4th of her 5-issue run...and the first one that actually feels like she has any idea of who Wonder Woman is. The first issue was pretty bad, with Diana as some sort of alien from another world ("What is money? What is a credit card? I have been in your world for 10 years, but am completely ignorant of anything pertaining to humans..."). This issue, WW feels like the DC Universe character I'm familiar with.

And Picoult even did an decent job with the other characters who appear. It truly felt like she knew who they were and what was going on in the DCU.

I'm not sure what's going on with Hippolyta, though. Why would she side with Circe and ignore Diana? When did the Amazons become such warmongers. I thought they were supposed to be about peace? And when was the monarchy of Themyscira re-established? I guess I missed that issue.

Gotta say: I love Terry & Rachel Dodson's art! They are fierce (was that too gay?)! Everyone they draw looks great from WW to Hippolyta to Superman to Black Canary.

I was pretty happy with this issue. It had flaws, but was probably one of the better issues since the book restarted.

And I LOVE that cover!


Plop! 5. June 1974

Okay now. Just two days in, and I've unearthed a slightly earlier memory than what I thought was my first!

Even though I had somehow always gravitated towards DC Comics, it was never really a conscious decision...it kinda just happened. And Plop! #5 was when I realized it, pretty much.

I don't know if, at the age of 8, I was aware of terms like "copyright" and "trademark." But I did know that if someone published something, they pretty much owned it.

In Plop! #5 (which I later found out was actually pre-dated by #3, but I missed that issue), they had a feature called "Super Plops!" And they featured Superman. Not a parody Superman. Not someone in a very similar, but different costume. Same costume. Same "S." Even the "Super" in the logo was from Superman's logo. I remember thinking, "They can't do that!! Someone owns Superman! They can't just use the character like that!!"

I had to investigate!! And that led to me noticing that both Superman and Plop! had a DC logo on the cover. So then I realized they were both owned by the same people, so it was all right.

Sort of. It was really weird to see a non-parodied version of Superman in that context. But I did still learn something from it.

Who would've thought that Plop! could be educational!!?

Comics in my Future:

Tomorrow's shipment from Discount Comic Book Service includes:

WONDER WOMAN LYNDA CARTER STATUE - Can't believe I spent so much on this. But, oh well.

BIRDS OF PREY #106 - I may drop this after Gail leaves. I'll give it a chance. But it was her voice that's carried this for me. Maybe if they just made it about Babs, Dinah and Helena again. But I don't see that happening...


INFINITE CRISIS SERIES 2 INNER CASE ASST - 2 (two!) action figures of the much neglected Donna Troy!!!



SHE-HULK 2 #18 - Another issue or 2 and I'm done with this one. Just doesn't have the charm that it used to.


SUPERMAN/BATMAN #35 - I need to switch to trades on this because it's just been so mediocre for so long.

WONDER WOMAN #9 - Only 4 more issues til Gail Simone!!


Superboy 204. October 1974

Another comic memory from 1974.

I have two distinct memories from this one. I absolutely fell in love with Mike Grell's art. And the Brainiac 5 back-up story (2 complete stories in one issue, whoda thunk?).

The artwork blew me away. Instantly I knew that this was one of my favorite artists. And his style was so distinct, that from this point on I could spot his work a mile away. I also learned how to see differences in artists' styles. I remember thinking, "I finally get it." I had always heard how people could tell DaVinci, Michaelangelo and Rembrant apart, but I could never see it. They all just looked like paintings to me. But now I got that there were difference in art styles.

And that Brainiac story. I don't know why, but it just sucked me into the Brainy/Supergirl relationship. It was just an awesome story. And kinda sad at the end. I love it to death.

I also clearly remember the lead Anti-Lad story, but it just didn't have the impact on me that Grell's art and the other story had.

I still love this issue to this day.

In our future...

Oh dear, only one day and I'm already digressing. Oh well, get over it!

My sister sent me a funny in an email.

But it was kinda cheesy looking.

So I re-did it.

Now it looks more fun. :)


Wonder Woman 212. July 1974

Alrighty then.

I can absolutely guarantee that this is not the first comic I ever read. But it is the earliest memory of a comic that I can recall.

What I remember about it is sitting on my dad's lap and quizzing him about the characters who appear on the cover. He had no problem whatsoever with Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. But was not familiar with the other two.

I told him they were Flash and Green Lantern. He said, "They aren't the Flash and Green Lantern I know." I laughed and said, "They're the only Flash and Green Lantern!"

Gimme a break, I was 8, LOL!

Anyway, that's a comics memory that has stuck with me ever since. And since I never seem to keep my comics in any sort of order, every time I think I want to pull it out and look at it, I have track down another copy. I've probably owned five or six of them over the years.

Okay, that's the beginning...

In the beginning...

Okay, so my friend Walt does a blog post about comic book covers that left an impression on him over the years (yeah, decades, more like, HA!). Then he wants me to do the same thing.
Only problem is...I've slept since then. I don't hardly remember what I was doing a couple days ago, let alone thirt...um...a few years ago. ;-)
Anyway, I decided to give it a go and see what pops up.
So here it is...