Wonder Woman 212. July 1974

Alrighty then.

I can absolutely guarantee that this is not the first comic I ever read. But it is the earliest memory of a comic that I can recall.

What I remember about it is sitting on my dad's lap and quizzing him about the characters who appear on the cover. He had no problem whatsoever with Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. But was not familiar with the other two.

I told him they were Flash and Green Lantern. He said, "They aren't the Flash and Green Lantern I know." I laughed and said, "They're the only Flash and Green Lantern!"

Gimme a break, I was 8, LOL!

Anyway, that's a comics memory that has stuck with me ever since. And since I never seem to keep my comics in any sort of order, every time I think I want to pull it out and look at it, I have track down another copy. I've probably owned five or six of them over the years.

Okay, that's the beginning...


  1. What a good issue to start with. I think I would be disappointed if you started with anything other than Wonder Woman. I didn't own this issue until a couple of years ago when I decided to start filling in the holes in my WW collection.

  2. Tony, I really hoe you have the comments on your blog linked to your email and you get to read this, even if it's on such an old posting.

    My name is Gustavo, I'm a long time acquaintance of Walt, but I reached your blog through The Absorbascon.

    I just wanted to tell you, that even if this was probably not my first comic, it is indeed my first memory of one too.

    I got it around the time of the WW Tv show, and I was hooked for life.
    Is it fair to say that this comic made me gay?

  3. Gustavo,
    I do have emailed comments. Unfortunately, I'm far to lame to comment back in a timely matter, apparently...

    I suppose you could say that this comic made you gay. But it didn't do anything like that for me. That's all Mike Grell's fault.

    Between the Cosmic Boy "costume" and the Warlord (sigh), Mike Grell shoulders the full blame for making me gay.

    Oh, and I'm sorry that Walt has to be a part of your life...

    Heh heh.