Super-Team Family 4. May 1976

Here's another fun one. This one happened a couple of years after the Wonder Woman incident, and apparently I'd learned about golden-age heroes or Earth-2 or something, because the story features a Green Lantern and Flash who are not "mine," and I don't have a problem with it. LOL!

I can't tell you anything about the story other than what you can get from the cover: It's the Justice Society vs Solomon Grundy. What I do remember on this one is sittling on my dad's lap at the kitchen table and recording the story into my tape recorder. We split up the characters and read the story aloud like a radio show.

I can't remember who did Solomon Grundy, but who ever did spoke into an empty coffee can to get a scary, echo-y voice. I'm not even sure whose idea that was. But it made for a cool effect. At least this 10 year-old boy thought so, LOL!

Y'know...I miss reading comics with my dad.


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  1. This is my earliest recollection of the JSA. I remember I was living in Hudson, NY when I got this book. I don't remember buying it, though. Someone may have given it to me, though I can't remember that happening either. I lost it over the span of years and rebought it a few years ago when I decided I needed all the Super-Team Family issues I didn't already have. God, I love it when just looking at a cover brings me back to a time and place long ago. I'm thrilled you posted this one.