Superman/Batman 35. July 2007

WTF? Wow. Could this book be anymore craptastic?

First of all, Pat Lee's "art" makes the thing nearly unreadable. Why do they keep bringing him back? The redesigned Metal Men are hideous. I definitely won't be buying their mini-series when it comes out.

Second, it's kinda confusing: Superman and Batman act like they have no idea who Dr. Magnus and the Metal Men are. I guess that all their previous appearances must've taken place on one of the other earths in the Multiverse and this is their first appearance on New Earth.

Of course, that makes the introduction of Copper completely stupid. The Metal Men are so new, that Magnus hasn't even finished constructing Gold, since his material is hard to come by without adequate funding. But he introduces Copper as his newest Metal Man. But if this is their first appearance...then all of the Metal Men are technically "new," regardless of the order in which they were created.

It's just crap.

I can't believe Marc Guggenheim's name is on this garbage. His Flash and Brothers & Sisters are so good! This just ain't!


  1. Oh God. I'm a few issues behind on this, mainly because it comes out whenever the fuck it wants and so I just read it whenever the fuck I want. I'm not up to this one yet and it's sounding really painful. So the Metal Men didn't exist before this? Are you fucking kidding me? What the hell happened in 52 then? Doc re-fucking-built them. Whatever.

  2. I don't have a clue what happened between here and 52. Maybe it was explained in #34 or something. I really can't read it, the art is so bad. I just sort of skim and see what I can pick up.

    And then cry that I actually spent money on it...

  3. I actually still like the book, but I just wish it could come out on time. Plus, I haven't read the new issue yet, so that helps.