Flash 225. February 1974

Although the cover date on this one predates all the rest (so far), I didn't get this one new. So I assume it came along slightly later.

I do remember where I bought it, though: on my front porch! My best friend (from kindergarten to about 6th grade), Teddy, was carrying a box of paperbacks and comics door-to-door, selling them. Of course I had to dig through it and see what was there. This was one of them (really, the only one I remember from that day).

My memory with this one is: Teddy and I concluded that since Reverse-Flash was the opposite of the Flash that yellow was the opposite of red. And, somehow, this extended to Green Lantern and his captor. Green was the opposite of blue.

I don't know how we came up with it. I guess since Flash and R-Flash were side-by-side and opposites, that GL and the blue guy must be opposites, too!! Ah, youth.

But we were certain!!


  1. I don't really have a specific comment about this issue (other than I can't wait for this run to end up in a Showcase book because the issues from this era that I own, I love), but I just noticed the list of comics to the right. The ones you ordered. I think I'm going to steal that idea from you and do it on my own blog. So there.

  2. Hey, bitch, just because you're posting on every blog entry does not entitle you to steal my shit!!


    Actually, I stole it anyway, LOL! Kinda. I saw another blog (that I forgot to bookmark, so I can't tell you whose) that had their pull list like that. But mine has changes every month, so I just put what was ordered and upcoming.

    I'm still gonna hurt you...

  3. Speaking of other blogs, where the hell did you find the ones you listed on your page. They're great. I just stole a picture from one and posted it at the Comic Book Queers message boards.

  4. Steal, steal, steal!!! That's all you know how to do!!

  5. You got that right, bitch.