Famous 1st Editions. 1974-1979

Y'know, I absolutely loved the giant-size (10"x13") Famous 1st Editions that DC put out in the 7os.

Even though I own most of these in the Millenium Editons (put out a few years back), if I feel the need to read any of these stories, I'd prefer to pull out the tabloid versions.

I can't even tell you why. I don't know what it was/is about them. But they're just awesome. I guess I'm more of a golden age fan than I used to believe. I really dig the innocence of the time and some of the stories. And the simplicity of the plots and art work.

They're just fun!

Oh yeah, P.S., this is a scan I stole from a website because I was too lazy to dig out and scan mine. Mine is in much better condition than this. Not that it's an important factoid...but I just thought I'd share, because it's my blog...and I can.


Get over it.

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  1. I think my first tabloid book was the JLA one that came out circa 1976. I think. I do remember there was a department store near where we lived that would have a displayer of these on occasion and I would almost always be allowed to get one. I thought they were the best things ever. I wanted them all (and still do).