Plop! 5. June 1974

Okay now. Just two days in, and I've unearthed a slightly earlier memory than what I thought was my first!

Even though I had somehow always gravitated towards DC Comics, it was never really a conscious decision...it kinda just happened. And Plop! #5 was when I realized it, pretty much.

I don't know if, at the age of 8, I was aware of terms like "copyright" and "trademark." But I did know that if someone published something, they pretty much owned it.

In Plop! #5 (which I later found out was actually pre-dated by #3, but I missed that issue), they had a feature called "Super Plops!" And they featured Superman. Not a parody Superman. Not someone in a very similar, but different costume. Same costume. Same "S." Even the "Super" in the logo was from Superman's logo. I remember thinking, "They can't do that!! Someone owns Superman! They can't just use the character like that!!"

I had to investigate!! And that led to me noticing that both Superman and Plop! had a DC logo on the cover. So then I realized they were both owned by the same people, so it was all right.

Sort of. It was really weird to see a non-parodied version of Superman in that context. But I did still learn something from it.

Who would've thought that Plop! could be educational!!?

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  1. Ah, PLOP! I never picked it up when it first came out. I've got one or two of them now. But not this issue in question. *sigh*