DC Solicitations for October

No, I'm not going through them all, LOL! Eek! Just wanted to talk about a couple o' things:

ReActivated Series 4: Wonder Woman.
Okay, the ReActivated line is supposed to be reissues of figures that aren't available anymore. But for the life of me, I do not recognize this figure at all! The body (except for the deformed hips, WTF) looks kinda like the Silver Age Wonder Woman from ReActivated Series 1, but the head is totally different. I dunno. Weird.

Minimates Wave 7: Nightwing and Starfire.
While I'm always happy to see the Titans represented anywhere (talk about the red-headed step-children of the DC Universe), it seems kind of odd that they've included a modern-day Nightwing with a classic Starfire. You think they would've done a set of either one or the other.

Countdown 30.
This cover is just all kinds of cool. I've wanted to love Countdown like I loved 52, but so far it just hasn't been meant to be. It just seems kinda slow moving. Not sure how big a part this scene plays into it all, but it still rocks! Are these guys from Earth-2? Where and when did Donna get the silver lasso? And dang if Jason is lookin' pretty healthy, LOL!

Brave and the Bold 7.
Well, I usually expect better from George Perez. I mean, he's a detail man. So why he didn't get the details right on Wonder Woman's costume kinda dumbfounds me. Hopefully since things can change between solicitation and publication (as we've seen below), maybe it'll get fixed. Either way, it'll be way cool to see Wonder Woman and Power Girl teaming-up with art by Perez!! Rocking!

DC Infinite Halloween Special 1.
It's about time. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Although people constantly feel the need to remind me that it's not a holiday. Yeah? FU, it is if I say it is. Bite me. Anyway, this could be all kinds of suck, but the effort is being made.
And that makes me happy. :)

Wonder Woman 13.
Okay, there's nothing majorly special about this one. We all know I love Wonder Woman. And we can see that the Dodsons were born to draw her. But this gets a special nod because it is GAIL SIMONE'S FIRST ISSUE! SHE'S FINALLY HERE!! I'm telling you, I haven't hated the first 10 issues of WW, but it hasn't been a lovefest, either. Gail Simone is one of the best writers in comics, and I'm just jazzed that not only is she writing Wonder Woman, but that she actually wanted to write Wonder Woman!!! She is going to make this thing explode...or there may be no hope!!!

Okay, bye. Have a great day!!


  1. I read the solicitations last night and all I could think about was how much more overtime I'm going to have to do. It seems like there is way more out that month than usual and I want it all.

    The ReActivated toys.... I don't recognize a single one of them. The Hawkman is new and I want it. And they're based on Phil Jimenez's art? From where? I'm confused.

  2. Yeah, I was just kinda skipping the Jimenez part as a typo or something, lol. And I don't remember seeing an Earth-2 Superman before either. Hello, people, ReActivated...what's it supposed to mean!?
    I don't mind those figures...but why in this line? Makes no sense!! ARRGGHH!
    Gotta love the drama! LOL!