Wonder Woman 10. August 2007

First of all: I don't know why, but I'm not a big fan of blood soaked covers. Just doesn't appeal to me. I'm sure the little fan boys love it, though. But just seems like DC has been doing a lot of these lately. That's beside the point...

This issue kind of dumbfounded me. Not as a whole. It was actually alright. Not better or worse than the last issue, and not great. But here's the thing: This is Jodi Picoult's last issue as writer (she was just here for a 5-issue "arc"), issue's 6-10 are already being solicited as a hard cover (Love and Murder, on sale Nov 14), AND IT'S NOT A COMPLETE STORY!!! This issue ends on a pretty major cliffhanger!!!

Picoult's readers may pick this up because she wrote it, and Wonder Woman fans who don't read the monthlies...but there's no resolution!!! Not even a semi this-could-be-the-end feeling. No explaination about Hippolyta, what about the Amazons attacking the US, and the last panel...HELLO!

As a monthly, it's fine. Comics are a continuing serialized storytelling format. But as a stand-alone collection... There was some bad planning going into this one.


  1. Since I'm on a bi-weekly shipping schedule, I won't see this until this weekend (or possibly the beginning of next week because of the holiday). I've been very disappointed with Jodi's run. It's just not been very good. I don't know if it's because she doesn't know what she's doing or because DC had a clear idea of what these issues were going to be and told her to write it with a list of rules she needed to follow.

  2. That's the thing, this thing tied in so closely, in and out, with Amazons Attack, that obviously the majority of the story had to have been dictated to her as to what to have happen where. What boggles my mine is: Why hire a "name" writer from outside comics to write a story like this, not giving them much free reign? And why would she say yes or even want to do it? I would think she's had enough successful novels published that she could've said, "Sure, I'll write Wonder Woman for you, but: I'd prefer to write my story, not something handed to me."
    I don't know. It's just so odd.

  3. I'm sure it didn't help that Allan Heinberg was so far behind that DC had to do something and something quickly. I would guess he was intended to write this, but you know how that all panned out...