Comics for September

If you scroll down and look to the right, you'll see my comics order for September. My total order, including boards, bags and weekly shipping, came to $115 for 38 items. Now if you calculate, that comes to $3.02 a piece.
And you think: But what about the discount?
Well, first off: If I bought them at a store, I'd pay 9.25% sales tax. So a $2.99 comic would cost me $3.27. So I've already saved $.25 a piece on 38 items, that's $9.50 right there.
Plus gas and travel time.
And there are three trades in my order that average $16 each, cover price.
As far as I'm concerned: whether or not I'm actually realizing 40% off on each book is irrelevant. The convenience of having it brought to the door and the fact that I'm paying less than the cover price (however small the actual discount works out to be) is worth it.
And hey, it's my life. You just need to get over it. :P

P.S. I'm just happy that there weren't any "must have" action figures this month. LOL. Since October 2004, I've only had 1 order where I spent less than $115 for a month's worth of comics! Something's gotta give!!


  1. Bitch, I have 54 items coming for the same month including three trades and my total was $180. My orders seem to be getting higher and higher every month. I need to start cutting stuff, but I don't want to.

  2. I feel you. I've had more months than I care to think about where I've spent over $200. And a couple passing $300. Sometimes I can't control myself, but I need to.
    I think I'm pretty much done with Marvel. Joss Whedon was writing 2 of the 3 regular books I was buying, now they're gone. She-Hulk just lost my interest. If they every decide to continue Young Avengers, Squadron Supreme or NewUniversal, I'll be back. But right now, nothing. That helps a tiny bit. Plus no WW or Titans related action figures. That helped a lot! LOL

  3. And don't come into my blog and call me a bitch, Bitch.

  4. Can I call you a whore instead?

  5. It's funny, but every month I seem to pick up less and less from Marvel, but my bill never seems to go down, only up. It's an illness and I need help.

  6. Anyone who knows you knows that.