UPDATE to "So -- Does he or doesn't he?"

As I was thinking about it, I realized Roy used 5 quick-glue arrows in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 11. FIVE! I mean, how many arrows does his arrow-holding-thingie hold anyway? He can make room for 5 of the same arrow? Is there that big a demand for the quick-glue arrows?

Wonder Woman: "Oh no! Amazo's attacking!"
Batman: "Roy! The quick-glue arrows! Now!"

I mean...? I dunno. Just something that popped into my head...


  1. the quick-glue arrows are obviously used to fill any plot-holes the justice league might encounter (such as being stuck under there w/o any trick arrows) =P

    seriously though, i did the same thing (read Amazons attack 4 and justice league 11) and came to the same conclusion: things just don't add up.

    i thought Roy gave up any and all trick arrows after moving on from the speedy identity and adopting the Arsenal persona, but i could be mistaken. w/e. he's still alive (and vixen too) cause of those things, so i won't worry about it too much :)

  2. i'm not really *worried* about it. but for some reason little things like that work me. i mean, what exactly is the editor's job? do they do anything? and i'm not trying to be snarky, i'm just curious.

    besides, it's my blog and i can do whatever i want. cuz, i'm the boss! lol! :P