The Perplexity of Rainbow Boy

Rainbow Boy is quite the interesting character.

His name and the fact that his power is "the brilliance of [his] rainbow..." all point to one thing. He's got to be gay.

I've known quite a few gay men who seem to have that power.

The problem is that rainbows didn't become "gay" until around 1978, and Rainbow Boy debuted in 1942. So the whole rainbow motif doesn't really support any conjecture on that part.

What does make a case for his fairy-ness is that fact that every time he enters a room, he comes flitting in like he's doing some ballet:

Please, girlfriend.
Hydroman and Gruno don't seem too thrilled by his flamboyance...

One the other hand: Rainbow Boy is a DICK!

In the story I ran a few weeks back, Rainbow Boy helps save the earth from invasion by kidnapping the alien general and taking him around to show how being a dictator is a bad thing. Here's a look at the horrors they encountered:

Now the problem with this is... Rainbow Boy let all those people DIE!

Yes, he is trying to prove a point, but couldn't he have proven it by "Look at what they're about to do...now excuse me while I go rescue those people!" But he makes no attempt. I'm surprised he didn't bring along popcorn for the show.

And he's practically smiling in panel four when he says, "I'm going to show you more!" With an explanation point...

Yippee! Let's go!!

Rainbow Boy is a bad bad person. He may have saved the world from an alien attack, but my conclusion is he's still to evil too be gay.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. I love Rainbow Boy...

    Almost as much as I love
    "Jesus is My Friend" (shameless plug for my blog:

  2. Rainbow boy is evil. Period. Dot.

    And HEY! there will be no shameless plugging!! I'll plug you buddy!

    Better yet -- I'll use you as an example during the next alien invasion!!! HA HA! How d'you like them apples!!?

  3. Just cause he's evil, doesn't mean we can't love him.

    Yes...I'd love me some apples :)

    red apples, green apples, yellow apples - a virtual (or veritable) RAINBOW of apples.

  4. Too evil to be gay?

    Sweetie, you obviously haven't been to some of the bars I have... .

  5. Darling, unfortunately I have been to some of those bars. Well, maybe not the exact same ones. But I know of which you speak.

    HOWEVER -- I prefer to wear rose-colored glasses and live in a world where gay means happy and gay people are not evil.

    Reality be damned!


    Plus, I wanna love Rainbow Boy and he's a murderer. It's so hard... *sob*

  6. It's funny. I started a webcomic about a character named Rainbow Boy before I heard about the forties version. There's actually something about the name that conspires against the character being good. He's gotta be a little evil.


  7. I just invented rainbowman and rainbowboy, only to come to the conclusion when I typed it into google, it alrady existed...

  8. @Adam & Alann: Yeah, I created a Rainbow Boy character once upon a time, too...before I knew there had already been one.
    Great minds...