Project Superpowers: Hydro(Man)!

Playing more catch-up on PROJECT SUPERPOWERS Golden-Age-y goodness!!

Today we've got Hydroman (known as Hydro in PS), who was featured on the cover of PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #4!

Hydroman first appeared in HEROIC COMICS #1 (Aug 1940). He was created by Bill Everett, who also created the Sub-Mariner.

Although he's referred to as "Hydro," both in the PS book and press releases, if you look closely at his logo on the cover of PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #4, you can see shapes that spell out "man" at the bottom of the "Hydro" logo.

Here's a Hydroman tale from HEROIC COMICS #19 (July 1943). At the end, he even has a special guest-star!!

Can Hydroman and Rainbow Boy save the earth from the alien invaders!!
Come back tomorrow for the pulse-pounding conclusion!!

(Because golden age comics were so...pulse-pounding...)


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only person enjoying the heck out of Project Superpowers. Nice overview on Hydro(Man)! :-)

  2. Hi Sea!!
    I'm so glad you commented.
    Not just because someone's reading (and apparently enjoying) my blog.
    Not just because I've found someone else who digs Project Superpowers.
    But because I have never stumbled across your blog before...and I LOVE it!!!