Project Superpowers: Target and the Targeteers!

Today's PROJECT SUPERPOWERS Flashback Spotlight is on: The Target and the Targeteers!!

The Target was one of the cover-stars featured on PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #5.

Here's some interesting trivia from Toonopedia:
"...here's a case where the name was used first for a continuing comic book, and only later was a character to match it introduced. It shared this trait with Centaur Publications' STARS & STRIPES and Lev Gleason's THE SILVER STREAK.
"TARGET COMICS was the first one... It debuted with a cover date of February, 1940...
"It wasn't until the tenth issue (November, 1940) that The Target himself was introduced, and only in the 11th did The Targeteers come along."

Now, from May 1942, here's a story originally found in TARGET COMICS vol.3 #3 (aka the 27th issue).

(What? You thought doing comics in 12 issue "seasons" was a
new idea?):

You can download TARGET COMICS Vol.3 #3
and lots of other awesome golden-age goodness
from Golden Age Comics Downloads!

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