Mattel's DC Universe Classics: Titans Together

Mattel is bringing on the Titans with their DC Universe Classics line.

Wave 3 (which should be out about now) features Deathstroke, Nightwing and Robin. Including variant Deathstrokes, with and without his mask.

Wave 4 (due in the fall) includes Cyborg. KB Toys will have an exclusive variant with Sonic Arm Cyborg.
Wave 7 (yeah, there's a bit of break there) is fairly Flash-centric, but that begets us a Wally West Kid-Flash!!
There's also a Starfire figure coming, but this one's a little trickier. It only comes in a two-pack with Adam Strange...and it's only available from mattycollector.com.
There is a little bit of "boo" associated with these, though. They've all already been released by DC Direct in one fashion or another. How many DC Direct and Mattel versions of Nightwing and Robin have there been?
DC Direct did Starfire and Kid Flash in 2000 followed by Cyborg in 2001 as part of The New Teen Titans series.
Deathstroke has had two recent figures from DC Direct: One in Contemporary Teen Titans series 1 in 2004, and then The New Teen Titans Series 2 this year.
And while it would be cool to get updated looks for the characters... All the Deathstokes are basically the same. These looks for Nightwing and Robin (even in his more recent costume) have been well-covered by both DC Direct and Mattel. And they're giving us a retro-look Cyborg. Which he wore not only on his DC Direct figure...but also on his Super Powers figure back in the 80s!
Only Starfire is in an outfit that has yet to be released on an action figure.
Oh well.

Go figure...

Keep up to date on all the DCUC awesomeness at DCUC.info (which is where I stole all the pics from, could ya tell?)


  1. Hmmmm. Looks like they used the same body for Nightwing that they previously used for Hal Jordan.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see a lot of that. I'm sure it keeps costs down.
    At least their costs...

  3. I'm dumping practically every DC Direct figure Mattel is repeating from my collection. The difference in quality between the two lines isn't even close most of the time.

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