Donna Troy: The Quicker Picker-Upper

That's such a stupid title for this post...but I just couldn't think of anything!

Anyway...my buddy Doug (over at dougsploitation, check it out!) was awesome enough to share this with me (and allow me to share it with all [3] of you!). It's a drawing of Donna Troy on a cocktail napkin done by no-less-than Phil Jimenez!! How great is that!?
Almost makes me want to start a con-sketch collection of Donna Troy napkins!

I love Donna. I love Phil. I guess I'm going to have to love Doug now, too...

The things I'll do for my blog...


  1. Amazing he could do such a sketch on a cocktail napkin without ripping it. Then, I guess any time I've started writing on cocktail napkins, I've probably been drunk....

  2. Love the "what the hell is going on?" logo, by the way.

  3. I shall make no joke about the drunken cocktail napkin writing... has hard as it is to refrain... :)

    I originally was just using that for the logo because it was such an awesome pic of Donna (I think I actually prefer Lopresti's Donna to his Diana). But as I was working on it, I realized that the talk balloon could actually apply to my blog. So I moved her eyes to have it seem she's looking at whoever is reading the blog and asking them the question.

    I'm happy you love it! :)

  4. Thanks for the plug Tony, I thought the napkin would fit in much better on your blog than on mine! Hopefully Phil won't mind me sharing this with the entire blogosphere!

    Donna Troy kicks butt!

    Love, Doug :)