Boo Boos of 2008

No. Just...no.

Luckily, Donna's craptastic outfit only lasted a few months and didn't get a chance to bleed out into the DC Universe. Let's hope that Cassie is as lucky with her puke-inducing ensemble.


I'm sure they meant well when they decided to revise the DC COMICS ENCYCLOPEDIA, it's just too bad they didn't put a whole lot of love, or at least effort, into it.

Donna Troy is mentioned as having been Wonder Woman briefly in the Wonder Woman entry. But the Donna Troy entry (now inexplicable re-labeled "Troy") neglects to mention that she's come back to life.

Good luck finding info on Bart Allen. Most of the pages listed in the index under Impulse and Kid Flash lead to almost nothing. A couple of times you'll see entries like "...an ally of Impulse [see KID FLASH]." The only problem being...there is no Kid Flash entry!!

Red Arrow is listed in the A's, under Arsenal. And Liberty Belle is in the Q's, under Quick, Jesse.

It's just a mess.

Okay, I take it back. He did have an impact on comics this year. He proved that even someone from the comics industry can destroy a comics-related film by ignoring the source material.

And don't get me started on ALL-CRAP BATMAN AND ROBIN THE BOY WONDER...

Hmmm. Nothing else really stands out to me as having been really, really horrible last year. I guess that's a good thing. :)

I'll probably think of something later, LOL.


  1. Since day one, Cassie's had some of the worst costumes ever. And enough with the jeans already! It's like she can't commit to being a superhero. "I'll wear a big honking W logo on my shirt, but pair it with jeans and hiking boots so I don't look silly". I guess I should be happy she doesn't have knee pads again. If they can't come up with a good design for her she may as well ask Donna for her old red costume, or at least a variation of it like McKone designed.

  2. Tony - you are so right on ALL these points. Cassie's new threads are about the dumbest I've ever seen. She'd be better off in Donna's discarded craptastic duds. Really - her name is Wonder Girl - why would she wear a big WW?

    The Encyclopedia update is such a mess - still no BIRDS IF PREY entry.

    THE SPIRIT - all I can say is the people have spoken. Maybe this will finally end Frank Miller's reign as the second coming.

  3. Yeah, my brother got me the revised encyclopedia for Christmas. I can't believe how many things were left out, or didn't even merit their own listing. I'm guessing (as an editor who's had to deal with these things) that the updaters had page count, deadline, and space limits imposed upon them by the publisher, and they had to make due with the cards they were dealt.

  4. Doug - I have a bad feeling that Frank Miller will show us that you can be a ComicGod, have only 2 or 3 comics published a year, screw up a comic book movie adaptation, and still remain a ComicGod.

    Sea - I understand there may be mistakes. And I can understand if stuff is even a couple years out of date, given the lead time a project like this might entail. But this is ridiculous!

    They've cut off their nose to spite their face. Not that they have any intentions of it, but if they did a second revised edition...you can bet my $40 will be staying far away from it. Why would I want to get burned again? If this were even halfway decent, I'd be likely to take another go. But...no.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  5. Wow thank God! I thought I was the only one hating the new Wonder Girl outfit and not understanding why she wears 2 WW's. I understand they are trying to make her look young and like a teen but really a 3/4 sleeve half shirt and low rider jeans? Time for a real costume Cassie and speaking of real costumes I know Red Devil just got his new costume from Folsom Street but really does he need to fight crime in his fetish wear? ;)

  6. The revised encyclopedia is a piece of crap. Stupid typos throughout, mislabeled art on seemingly every other page, and horrible continuity errors (c'mon, Arsenal?!? Troy?!?!). I can't believe I spent my money on this.

  7. Pretty spot-on list. My question, what did you think of Spidar-Man One More Day?
    Found it hard to believe that came from straczynski--about as anticlimactic and disappointing as Secret Invasion 8.
    Only more frustrating since it destroyed a massive long-standing love.
    Ive heard he was forced into it by Quesada, which makes some sense, and he was clearly more invested in Thor.

  8. The red starred costume on Donna Troy was one of the ugliest things ever in comics. Thankfully! Thakfully! It stopped at a couple of books.

    Oh, and Frank Miller should only do comic books. I do like the Goddam Batman ;) Not his movies, though.

  9. NWWannabe - Yeah, 'Devil looked so much better just bare chested. Now he's pretty cheese-tastic. Which does fit in with the rest of Barrows designs, so...

    Capt. E - Well, since I don't really read much Marvel U stuff, and have never been a regular reader of Spidey's, I'm not really one to say. From what I've heard, it sounds like a really lame idea. And not executed much better.

    Chris - It does have Jim Lee art. But that's all I'll give it.

  10. You know what I just noticed...and I am not sure if it's just this picture...but where are Wonder Girl's bracelets? Now I need to go back and look maybe it's just this picture. Or maybe I missed something.

  11. Cassie's apparently going without the bracelets. She even says as much to Supergirl. Not only does she want to dress like crap, but she wants to reduce her overall effectiveness in a fight. Who decides these things?

  12. Oh good plan...ditch the live saving, bullet bouncing, amazon heritage bracelets for a fashion disaster outfit. Maybe her next step is to give up her birth-right. Wow Diana must be so proud of her.

  13. Came across this last night.

    DC Encyclopedia - page 329 - Entry on INFINITE CRISIS - Second box down Under "All-Out Assault" - First paragraph appears twice! Does DK Publishing even employ proofreaders? This is a $40 book! I've read free pamphlets with less mistakes. Editor Vicki Taylor is incompetent and couldn't edit a bowl of alphabet soup.

  14. I just think it's weird that Cassie acts like she designed the costume. I mean, she was fighting (whatever the hell his name was, who knows) and suddenly there was an explosion and she had on the new threads. Where'd they come from!?

    doug - You could spend a lifetime going thru the book looking for the mistakes. It's really ridiculous that they even decided to release an update that was done without any thought going into it.