Out with the Old...

Well, it's a new year, so I decided to give the ol' blog a face lift. I think I'm done with the tweaking and this is how it's gonna be for awhile.

If you have a 1024x768 display, it looks kinda like this:

If you have a wide-screen monitor, you see a little bit more:

Just for posterity, here's how it looked through the last half of 2008:

You really didn't think my Donna was going anywhere, did you? :-P


  1. Oooooh, well done! Me likey!

  2. Looks good Tony Z. Though I'm not a fan of the color yellow in general.
    Must have something to do with the fact that I was attacked by bees as a child.

  3. I really had no intention of going with the yellow. While I was designing, I made everything different colors so I could see where the changes were happening (css is mystery to me, so it's always trial and error and see what happens). I knew I wanted a psuedo-primary colors look, thought. And somehow I ended up keeping the yellow as the background. I think I the "brightness" was just a nice change after years of black. I could change it, I guess. I kinda like it, but I'm not married to it.

    Are people allowed to marry colors?

  4. Looks good, man - you can't go wrong with red and black.

    And if people could marry colours, which would you marry?

  5. Tony...awesome new look...I love the new look with the Final Crisis covers and of course Donna still floating above. The yellow is a bit bright so early in the morning...but I will just wait till afternoon now LOLOLOL...Seriously...love the new look.

  6. Gary - I'd probably marry ultramarine. I just love that shade of blue!!

    NWW - Gosh, everyone is dogging on the yellow. I'm sure Scipio would appreciate it, LOL! Maybe I'll go back and take a look at toning it down... *sob* *snif*

  7. Awwww Tony...I was only teasing with you...don't take my comment (this time) to heart. I actually do like the new design :) It makes the other colors pop.