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Warlord! Warlord! WAARRLOOOORD!

Comic Book Resources has got a lengthy, in-depth interview with Mike Grell about his new, upcoming WARLORD series!! Including a look at the first 5 covers!!

I didn't think I could possible be more excited, but I just may be!!

Hopefully now we'll get a proper Warlord action figure!!

V returns!

A year or so ago, V creator Kenneth Johnson was hard at work on getting a sequel to his original V mini-series off the ground. He even wrote a novel, V - The Second Generation, which was published in February of 2008. Plans for the TV event were eventually scuttled.

But now, while Johnson has been pushed aside (again, as he was for V: THE FINAL BATTLE and V: THE SERIES), Hollywood Reporter has announced that ABC has green-lit a pilot for a new V series.

Although I believe it's disingenuous to exclude Johnson from the mix, when you consider it was the original mini-series that most people love and remember and not the follow-ups... Being the hypocrite that I am, I'm so excited about the possibilities of this new series. I just wish it was a continuation rather than a do-over (probably) in name only. I want me some Jane Badler as Diana!!!

Cigam semoc ot Ellivllams

TV Guide reveals that Serinda Swan has been cast as Zatanna in an upcoming episode of SMALLVILLE.

X-Men the animated series on DVD!

from Newsarama:
The legendary Fox animated series, X-Men, is finally coming out on DVD through Walt Disney Home Video. The first two releases, simply entitled Volume 1 and Volume 2, have street dates of April 28. Both collections have suggested retail prices of $23.98. Volume 1 is two disks and times in at 368 minutes. The second is also two disks and times in at 391 minutes.


Coming in April!!


  1. I wasn't going to pick up Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk until I checked out the preview now I have to buy it.


  2. HAH If there were two Wolverines I think they would probably begin a never ending battle to kill each other. If you check out the preview on Marvel.com the few pages hint toward his upper half going to find his lower half. I'm sure the room will spin and fill with music when he does find it and they will suck back together claymation like.