DC Love at Target!

You have no idea how excited I was when I stopped by Target about a week ago and saw this:
An actual DC Comics section! About 6 feet long! With a big ol' DC logo hanging over it and everything!!

Up until Christmastime, all you ever saw at Target was maybe 3 columns of pegs...and those were usually empty (still, it was more then you ever see at Wal-Mart)! I did go the day after Christmas and they had thrown up a bunch of DC Universe stuff, mostly to fill empty pegs, but it was more than I'd ever seen there at one time. I wonder if they had it all sitting in back this entire time and just never bothered to restock it? Hm.

But seeing this new section was kinda exciting!! Although it was kind of a jumble, they had Infinite Heroes mixed in with Justice League Unlimited. And even though Dark Knight had it's own section (to the right), they were also hanging under the DC Universe Classics. And some DCUC below the Batman: Brave and the Bold figures. The Super Friends pegs were all empty.

I don't care. They have a friggin' DC Comics logo hanging over the section!! I never thought I'd see that!!


  1. This is awesome...and hope for all of our Targets!!! Mine still looks like what you described above and no sign: Up until Christmastime, all you ever saw at Target was maybe 3 columns of pegs...and those were usually empty . I was just in the one by work and yup still the same.

    Oh by the way...good work on more posts :)
    Though it looks like by your picture nothing new. I am waiting for those new waves of Infinte Heroes...I actually bought Powergirl on Ebay for more than I really should have. LOL

  2. Wow...my "Oh by the way" comment should have been the last sentence in my post...but some how it ended up between my two paragraphs...just in case you're wondering why it doesn't make sense in that order.

  3. I think that this is the only good thing about all the press received by the big movies. Finally comics and comic stuff is back in the spot light (even though comic sales aren't really up)! Whatever it takes to kick start the market I'm up for.

    ~Steve V

  4. makes me wish I has some money... :(

  5. WOW, That picture is like p0rn0, if you're a toy collector...MEOW!

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