Blackest Night: A Black Lantern revealed!

Solicitations for an upcoming set of action figures, Blackest Night Series 1, gives away the identity of one of the Black Lanterns (so much for shock and awe, we'll just tell ya who they are before we print the story!!). Here's the image from the solicit:
I'm not going to tell you who the Black Lantern is, I won't be responsible for spoiling the surprise, but if you want to know...


Check out the solicitation info at Corner Store Comics. I'm warning you, if you read it, you will be spoiled!!
BlindMessiah posted this info at the Newsarama Forums.


  1. Thanks for not spoiling...out front.

  2. I hate when people do that crap. So I try to be extra careful. It doesn't always work. Sometimes when I've read something on numerous places on the web, I assume it's general knowledge. I'm inserted my foot in mouth a few times, LOL!

  3. LOL...I'm sure it's got to be hard.

  4. I began to write an article on this and came across your blog and you inspired me with the whole spoiler reveal thing and I think I created Magic but that could just be me. Hope you enjoy.