The "How to" Manual for Bloggers

SallyP (of Green Lantern Butts FOREVER!) has come up with a manual for what to do when you hit a blogging dry spell!!

She says: "Sometimes there are the sort of days when you just don't know WHAT to talk about. You stare desperately at your screen, your fingers hovering over the keyboard, waiting...waiting for that jolt of inspiration...

That, my dear friends, is when you pull out the handy-dandy manual."

And since (1) I haven't been blogging much, (2) I really got nothing and (3) Sea_of_Green did it... I decided to go all "Me too!" and be the follower that I am!!

Here are Sally's instructions:

#1: Find a picture of Batman that makes him look silly or foolish.

Seriously, how often do you get to see Batman cry like a little girl!!!

#2: Find a picture of Hal Jordan being hit in the head.

The hard part with this is not finding a picture of Hal hit in the head, but choosing one from the thousands of times that it has happened!!!!

#3: Find a picture of a Green Lantern Butt

I wonder if I get bonus points for having him bent over...leaning into a shirtless Hal!!

* * * * *

Of course, being as I always have to be different (or difficult, I can't remember), I thought, you could also change it up a little:

Like combine the first two: Hal Jordan hit in the head by Batman!!

Or the second two: See Hal's GL butt as he gets hit in the head!!!

Okay, that one's good for two!

Come back all this month for more goofy-Batman and GL butt shots!! Woo!

No, I'm only kidding. I'm done. :-)


  1. I don't have anything against a little Hal Jordan head bashing...and i definately have nothing against GL butt...so a whole month wouldn't be so bad for me...just as long as you include the kick-ass panel of Green Arrow and Hal Jordan beatting the hell out of each other in Decisions... That had to be some aweome panels in a long time.

  2. I guess I'll have to try this over at my blog sometime. For me it's easier to just run a stupid old TV Guide ad...

  3. *Applause!* :-D

    Those combos are GOLD! Sheer GOLD!

    (And we all know how vulnerable Green Lanterns used to be to THAT color, don't we? ;->)

  4. doug - I love your TV Guide ads. They aren't stupid, they're hysterical!!
    But you should definitely do this! It's fun!!

    NWW - Uh oh. You're giving me ideas!! Not necessarily a good thing... ;-)

    Sea - Thank you! Thank you!

  5. LOLOL...oh I can't wait...good thing or not...it will be awesome i am sure

  6. My God, those are beautiful.