BATMAN: The Brave and The Bold TOYS!

I didn't even know there was a line of Batman: The Brave and The Bold action figures and things until I stumbled across these at Wal-Mart:
The Caped Crusader Kit is pretty cool, very Adam West, LOL!

Sorry the pics aren't so hot: As a camera, the Samsung Instinct makes a good phone!!

I don't get into variant figures much (unless they're Wonder Woman), so I passed on the Batman vs. Alien Clash in the Cosmos set. Cool alien, but I don't need any poser Batman.

I didn't see any of the figures, so either Wal-Mart hadn't gotten them yet, or they sold like hotcakes!

About a week later at Target I found me a Batman:
He's labeled Battle Slam Batman, but for all intents and purposes, he's just yer basic Batman, so I'm happy with it. I didn't see any Blue Beeltes (except for the one that comes with the Blue Beetle's Bug, but it was more variant looking. Although the Bug looked pretty cool.
This is the back of Batman's package. Check out the typo: "Team Up! BUILLD Up! Collect 'Em All!" Power Prop Aquaman looks kinda stupid. I hope they have or are planning a regular Aquaman.

Some fun toys from the great new animated series!!


  1. I didn't realize these were at Wal-Mart too. I found mine at Target...I picked up Aquaman and Blank Manta...I wanted Blue Bettle too and Green Arrow but they didn't have any.

    I love me some Wonder Woman too ;)

  2. These are such nice toys. I love the series. Out of the gloom and into the adventures. This is the Batman I definitely like.

  3. NWW - Well, considering that Wal-Mart can't be bothered to carry anything DC, unless it's Batman, I wouldn't have been surprised to not see them there. But it is Batman, so... Supposedly they have/had an exclusive on DC Universe Classics Wave 5. And supposedly they came out near the end of November. You wouldn't know it from any Wal-Mart in Knoxville. Not even empty pegs. Nothing. Nada.

    Chris - I'm really digging this Batman, too! It's nice to be able to like the character again!!

  4. Yah I am loving the Batman Brave and bold cartoon too...It's a lot of fun.

    I had heard though in regards to Walmart that it was wave 7...so maybe they changed and that's why you can't find it...I think it's the wave with Hawkman. But I know what you mean I never see anything but Batman at Walmart. I'm still trying to keep up with the DC Universe Infinite Heroes...The Targets near me have them for $4.99 but of course the ones I really want I can't find in stores just on line and those are like $12.99 plus shpping.

  5. I don't know nothing. Only what I read online, which is subject to error. DCUC.info lists Wave 5 as the Wal-Mart exclusive and Hawkman as part of Wave 6. All I know is: I've seen message boards with people talking about DCUC figures they've found at Wal-Mart around Christmas, but I haven't seen any there is at least a year.

  6. Oh yah...none of the Walmarts here in the Cleveland (or even Columbus) area carry anything DC...except the Batman movie stuff and now the Batman B&B.

    Ooops you're right I had my Action Waves confused.

  7. Oh Man, that Caped Crusader Costume Thingy is AWESOME!!

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