Adam Strange & Starfire - Now On Sale!

The DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS SPACE HEROES 2 PACK: ADAM STRANGE & STARFIRE online exclusive is now available at MattyCollector.com!!
Complete your DCU Classics collection with this Adam Strange™ and Starfire™ 2-pack! The Savior of Rann™ and the beautiful princess of Tamaran will soon be available as highly detailed, highly articulated 6" action figures from Mattel. Pack includes Adam's trademark space pistol. Available in beautiful window box packaging perfect for display. Coming this fall to MattyCollector.com. While supplies last!
"Coming this fall" meaning January 15, 2009. LOL! You think they would've updated that at some point!!

The set sells for $25US and there's a maximum order quantity of 10. Who is going to need 10 of these!? Damn speculators!

People are already spending $35-40 (!?) for these on eBay. Buy yours direct and save some green!! (Matty's shipping is cheaper, too)


  1. These action figures are neat! I'd love to have the Starfire one. Too bad they're so impossibly expensive in my country.

    By the way, I love your new header :)

  2. Hey i think we should get together 10 people from here and order them...that was we can get them for the $25 a piece :)

  3. I'd order one for you Chris, but between the $25+shipping (about $8) plus the shipping to get it to you, I don't know if it would save you any money.

    And thanks! Actually, the new header was inspired by your header! I was like, "How'd he do that!?" When I peaked and saw it was the page background, I thought, "I can steal that idea!" ;-)