Frank Miller? Seriously?

Comic Book Resources is running a poll: Which comic writer made the biggest impact on the industry in 2008?

The choices are: Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Geoff Johns, Robert Kirkman, Jeph Loeb, Mark Millar, Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, J. Michael Straczynski and Joss Whedon.

How exactly has Frank Miller made an impact on the industry in 2008? He only had 3 comics published (ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN #8-10). What's the impact of that? Showing that a big name talent can do almost nothing and still be a big name? Working on the Spirit movie doesn't count. 1) It barely impacts the comics industry and 2) We won't really see it's impact until it comes out...one week before the year 2008 is over.

While people like Gail Simone and Dwayne McDuffie, who both have had some critical acclaim (how much love does ASB&R get?) and actual product on the market, are snubbed.

I'm not a Frank Miller hater (not really a huge fan, either), but really, what did he do that qualifies him for having made a big impact on the comics industry in 2008?


  1. I think you're looking at this the wrong way. Maybe Frank Miller's biggest impact on the comics industry in 2008 was not flooding us with shit comics.

    Of all those listed, I think Grant Morrison made the biggest impact, though not an overall positive impact. I'd like to vote for Geoff Johns, but I don't think he had the biggest impact. He wrote the most consistently good comics of all those listed.

    Bendis' impact was more of a "look at all the books I can put out in a single year with almost nothing happening in any of them."

  2. I'm not really looking at it any certain way. "Impact" in and of itself doesn't imply good or bad. A fan of Geoff Johns could say "He made an amazing impact with bringing back the Legion and reinventing Brainiac." A Johns hater could say, "He made a huge lowest-common-denominator impact by, once again, flooding the market with fanboy pablum."

    But whether or not you like Frank Miller...what did he do *at all* to impact comics, good or bad, in 2008? Nothing.

  3. I'm not a Miller fan, but I think some people might think he was in some way responsible for THE DARK KNIGHT (the film). My vote would have been for Gail Simone.

  4. Frank Miller? My lord...I agree with you...blechy! I think we need to revolt and boost Gail Simone up there onto the list.

    Who voted his family friends? Out of the list I would have voted for Geoff Johns...like someone wrote...at least he was consistent in writing good stories...

    Not a big Frank Miller fan but I will say at least it wasn't Grant Morrison...not sure which I am not a bigger a fan of Grant or Frank. R.I.P...I rest my case.

  5. From the current poll results, though, it would seem that most voters don't think Miller had much of an impact this year, anyway.