Wonder Woman Logo Study

For awhile I've wanted to do a collection of all the various logos that Wonder Woman has had through her 67-year history. Somehow I've never gotton around to it (it's called "lazy"). But now letterer/designer Todd Klein has beat me to it with a study of the logos with insightful commentary!! Plus a look at a few logos that didn't make the cut!Check out the articles here:
Logo Study: WONDER WOMAN part 1
Logo Study: WONDER WOMAN part 2
Logo Study: WONDER WOMAN part 3
Logo Study: WONDER WOMAN part 4
Logo Study: WONDER WOMAN part 5 (final)


  1. This was actually quite interesting. Do you have any personal faves as far as WW's logos go? I kind of like the unused one from Part 4 where the W's have little stars dotting them like i's.

  2. My two faves are the original and the 1970s logo she had after she got her powers back.
    Although, Todd kinda ruined that one for me by pointing out the letters don't extend back properly. Now that's all I see, lol.
    The bastard.
    I like the current one, too. Those are my top three.
    Not much a fan of the powerless-era logo.

    None of the unused ones really stuck me as that great. But I do think that one you mentioned is pretty nice. I could've lived with it.

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