Project Superpowers: The Flame and Flame Girl

Time for some more PROJECT SUPERPOWERS back stories. 'Cause I know you love them so. LOL!

This time you get a two-fer. Mainly due to the fact that the story surrounding the origin of The Flame from THE FLAME #1 was so blah, I decided to just stitch the first 3 pages together into a "stand alone" origin. A question that is unanswered (either in this mini-origin, or the full story) is how he got the name Gary Preston. Oh well. Deal with it. Okay, here t'is:

(Summer 1940)

In PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #2, we saw The Flame being all weepy-eyed about "Linda."
The Linda in question is Linda Dale, girlfriend to Gary Preston. In the following story, we see how Linda acquired her powers and became FLAME GIRL! (Dated two months before ALL STAR COMICS #8, by the way...)


(October 1941)

You can download THE FLAME #1, WONDERWORLD COMICS #30 and lots of other awesome golden-age goodness from Golden Age Comics Downloads!

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