Project Superpowers: The Fighting Yank

Because I love Golden Age comics, the announcement of PROJECT SUPERPOWERS really excited me. And I started throwing up stories from the golden age that featured the characters that were appearing in PS.
But somehow I managed to completely ignore the one character who has basically been the star of the show so far: The Fighting Yank. He's the one that starts the whole thing. I don't know how I came to ignore him, but now I'm making it right.
Here is the first appearance and secret origin of The Fighting Yank! Straight from 1941's STARTLING COMICS #10!
Thrill to the adventure that leads Bruce Carter III into the startling life of a superhero!
Learn how Bruce Carter's ancestor met his gruesome fate!
See Bruce's fiancée Joan learn his secret identity in his first outing!!
It all starts now!!

(September 1941)
written by Richard Hughes; art by Jon Blummer

You can download STARTLING COMICS #10 (scanned from microfiche) and lots of other awesome golden-age goodness from Golden Age Comics Downloads!


  1. Is PROJECT SUPERPOWERS good? I picked up that 0 issue and didn't hate it. If it's good, I might just wait until the trade comes out. Tell me what you think so far.

  2. I like it. But then again, I love Green Arrow/Black Canary, which most people loathe. So I can't say.
    I enjoy it more than Marvel's The Twelve. Superpowers reads more like a superhero story than The Twelve.
    Plus, I love golden age heroes, so just about anything that deals with them I enjoy.