Countdown to Birds of Prey: Day 85

85 more days until the DVD release of BIRDS OF PREY The Complete Series!!!

DINA MEYER portrayed Barbara Gordon aka Oracle in the 13-episode series. Barbara was the leader of the Birds and the glue that held them together. She was also formerly Batman's partner Batgirl, until the Joker shot her through the spine, leaving her confined to a wheelchair. As Oracle, Barbara kept a cyber-eye on the streets of New Gotham and dispatched her operatives to battle crime.

Here's a short blurb and Q&A theWB did with Dina back in 2002 leading up to the series premiere:
Batman fans will tell you that Dina Meyer's character - the niece of Commissioner Gordon who moonlighted as Batgirl - is the one to watch this fall. To get into tough-chick mode, Meyer had to do some serious research. "People think I'm tough, but I'm really warm and fuzzy," admits the actress.

My character Oracle is: "Very complex. Oracle is a hacker who controls everything from the clocktower. The other two girls are her muscle."

Oracle's greatest challenge is: "Not being able to use her body. She went from being a young, eager crime fighter to a woman who has to sit on her instincts - literally."

When it comes to doing Birds of Prey justice, I have: "A lot to learn. I was never really a big comic book person. I was a real girly girl. I liked Wonder Woman because of the cool outfits and bracelets."

Oracle's greatest secret weapon is: "Stick fighting. Evidently, she is quite adept at escrima. That's the Filipino art of stick fighting. Other than that, we just don't know...yet."

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