Who is Wonder Woman?

You read a lot about writers saying that Wonder Woman is a hard character to write. Because she's supposed to be this ultimate warrior, but she's also supposed to be a deliverer of peace. And it's hard to make the two concepts work together. But I think Gail Simone gets it.

written by Gail Simone; art by Bernard Chang and Jon Holdridge

Diana has the ability to, and if need be will, beat your ass. But she'd rather not if there's any other option. She is determined to find a solution that leads to peace.
She could've beaten Procanon Kaa into submission, but she wanted the ending to be mutually peaceful and not just "Nyah, nyah, I kicked your butt!"

I've been reading Wonder Woman for over 30 years. And I've always enjoyed the super-hero stories to the "Ambassador of Peace" blah that's been shoehorned in since the 80s.
Gail gives me both and makes it work. I'm loving this.

PS - I've read a lot of online grumbling about how "bad" Bernard Chang's art is. I'm like "WTF?" I think the art on these past 2 issues has been great. True, he may not draw Diana as classically beautiful as Terry Dodson, but it's not like she's beastly by any stretch of the imagination. I don't know. Maybe I'm just stupid...


  1. Just out of curiosity, what artists would you really love to see drawing Wonder Woman?

    For that matter, who would you love to see drawing Titans?

  2. If Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez was drawing both of them, I'd be so much more than happy.
    I'd really love to see Terry Dodson continue drawing WW. I think he brought a regalness and beauty to her without sacrificing sexiness. Not the ooh-look-at-her-ass-in-a-thong sexiness. The Greek-goddess-beautiful sexiness. I don't know. He just makes her sexy without being whorish.
    For the Titans, George Perez would be cool. Although I wouldn't mind seeing Freddie E. Williams II or Bernard Chang drawing the gang either. They'd bring a great energy.

  3. I never appreciated Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez when I was younger, now looking at his work I finally get his greatness. I even owned a few issues of Atari Force but didn't know it was his artwork.

    Freddie E. Williams II would be a great choice for Titans. Though, I wouldn't mind seeing someone like Chris Sprouse on the book.

  4. Oh gosh! I've always loved JLGL! In fact he's probably the main (only?) reason I even started buying Atari Force. For me, he can do no wrong.