Countdown to Birds of Prey: Day 80

80 more days until the DVD release of BIRDS OF PREY The Complete Series!!!

Despite any mention you may read on the web (including a review by some moron on Amazon of the DVD set THAT HASN'T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET WTF!?) RACHEL SKARSTEN does not portray Black Canary in BIRDS OF PREY. She does portray Dinah Lance (known early in the series as Dinah Redmond). But this takes place on an alternate earth known as fictional, so you'll just have to get over it. Yeah, geeky fanboys had problems with this show from the beginning, and most of those problems had nothing to do with the quality of the writing or the acting...

It's not like my comic, WAAHHH!!!

Here's a short blurb and Q&A theWB did with Rachel back in 2002 leading up to the series premiere:

For 17-year-old Rachel Skarsten, joining Birds of Prey was the chance of a lifetime. Yet once upon a time, acting was not her career of choice. "Growing up, I studied hard-core ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance.Then I discovered [ice] hockey, which I love," explains the native Canadian. And now? "Moving out on my own [the show shoots in Los Angeles] is a little scary," admits Skarsten. "I'll probably have to get a cat or something."

My character is: "The damsel in distress. She is very naive and a little insecure. I suspect I'll be able to kick some 'behind' soon. Of course, it will just look like me. Those stunt girls make me look so good, but really all I do is grunt and throw fake punches."

To do Dinah justice I had to: "Lose the nose ring. They wouldn't let me keep it because Dinah is not that cool - yet."

My biggest fear is: "That I'm going to let the comic book's fans down. This book has a really strong cult following. Online they know more about me than I know about me."

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