Uncanny X-Men 151. November 1981

My last Adventure Con post...

As I was flipping through a box, I came upon this one. I was like "OOH!! I remember you!" This was my first X-Men comic.

Remember how I said I was a big ol' DC geek? Well, I did in an earlier post, but I'm not gonna go back and look for it, LOL. Anyway, this started about a decade of my venturing into the Marvel Universe...and it was all DC's fault!!

Back at this time, X-Men was the number 1 selling comic. The number 2 selling comic was DC's New Teen Titans, which was my favorite comic at the time. Well, the letters pages in NTT had mentioned a couple of times that Marvel and DC were going to do a cross-over between the Titans and the X-Men. That left me with a dilemma: When the team-up came out, I wouldn't know who half the characters were!! So, even though I had almost no interest in them whatsoever, I had to at least have a slight working knowledge of who the X-Men were. When I went to the comics shop, this was the lastest issue.

OMG! I loved it! So I bought the next one, and the next one. Within a couple months I started picking up back issues! That led me to the amazing John Byrne artwork. I had to have more, I found Byrne on Fantastic Four...so I started buying that! And She-Hulk, and Alpha Flight. Then came New Mutants, Excalibur... I pretty much started buying quite a few Marvels for awhile.

Eventually, I was down to just X-Titles. When they started having too many and the quality started suffering, I pretty much faded off of them.

But back in the 80s, X-Men rocked! And Jim Sherman's art was pretty cool, too. I was kinda disappointed that he only did 151 and 152, but I still was lovin' me some X-Men!

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  1. The first issue of X-Men I picked up was the first issue after the Dark Phoenix saga. It's the one with Cyclops on the cover, leaving the group and the background of the cover features a display of back issue covers. The cover intrigued me and I'd heard of the X-Men so I thought I would try. It was a decent jumping on point, too.