Countdown 45. June 20 2007

Donna Troy ain't nobody's bitch:

And it appears that a Mr. Mind-Multiverse-munch trumps a Superboy-punch, because in "History of the Multiverse - Chapter 5" we find that Superboy-Prime has apparently been excised from the History of the DC Universe.


  1. I really didn't like the art in this issue, did you?

  2. I didn't love it. It was just kinda alright. But I did love Donna as badass. I read somewhere on the web someone complaining about Donna going all Rambo. But it was a nice change of pace from the wishy-washy Donna that DC's been feeding us since she got back.

  3. Best. Troia. Panel. Ever.

    I like the "Rambo" Troia too, best charaterization of Donna Troy in a while. It differentiates her from Diana.

  4. I definitely wouldn't want her to go down the Punisher/Wolverine/Lobo road... But if she's in a fight, I do not mind at all an "f-you, you're going down" attitude.