Super Heroes in Knoxville

Well, you could color me all kinds of surprised when I saw this picture on the entertainment section of the Knoxville News Sentinel yesterday:

I knew that Adventure Con was this weekend (I'm planning on going tomorrow), but I just didn't expect this. Not to mention: All the advertising that I've seen until now has completely downplayed the comics aspect. They've had ads at the movie theaters the last few times I went, but they played up the sci-fi aspect and all the stars. If you breathed wrong you missed the fleeting mention of comic books.

So this was kinda cool. They even had two articles about the con. One featuring an interview with Ethan Van Sciver. Not too shabby.

You can see the black and white line art on artist Andy Smith's MySpace page.
You can read an article about Adventure Con at KnoxNews.com.
And here's Adventure Con's website.


  1. If you get a chance to meet Joe Staton, please tell him that your friend Walt from New York told you that the Gloss from the New Guardians should get her own book.

  2. I used to know Joe years ago when I worked at the comic shop. Around that time the New Guardians came out and we would bust his chops about it. I last saw him at a show about six years ago and found a New Guardians (that he didn't draw) in a quarter box and had him sign it. He's a great guy. His wife is awesome, too. I wish I still lived close by.

  3. OOOOOOOOOOh, okay, now I get it.
    I had no idea who the guests were. That wasn't an issue with me. I was just going to go to the convention. Didn't care who was there. I could not figure out why you kept talking about Joe Staton. I thought you'd lost your mind!!!

    Well, I still think that, but now not because of your obsession with Joe Staton...