Adventure Con Swag

I didn't buy a lot at the con, but here's some of the deals that I got:

DC Pocket Super Heroes. This line was discontinued, but I liked it. I never bought a lot of them when they were new, but at the con I grabbed a bunch for only $2.50 a piece! 75% off!! Woot. DC Mini-Mates. This is the line that replaced the Pocket Super Heroes. I like these, too. Haven't bought any until now. I don't know why. I'm not sure what they sell for, probably about $10. I got all 3 of these for $20. JLA Huntress figure and Batman Die-Cast. I probably already have the Huntress somewhere in storage, and I'm not sure what I needed the Batman and Robin for (although they are kinda cute), but I figured for $2.50 a pop, what the heck!! Adventure Con T-shirt. I wasn't gonna buy one of these, didn't want to spend $20 on one. But on my way out, they'd lowered the price to $10, so I figured, "What the hell?"

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  1. I haven't been to a convention in a long ass time. And this is the reason I need to go... to find cool crap that I don't need for a really good price. I didn't bother with the Pocket Pals, or whatever they're called, though for $2.50, I might have picked up a couple. They'd end up on my desk at work, which already has about a dozen action figures on it.