Donna Troy by Joe Staton

Okay, so I went to Adventure Con today.
Bought a few comics. Picked up some DC Pocket Super Heroes for $2.50 a pack! And some DC Mini-Mates for $7.
But the best thing was this picture I got Joe Staton to draw for me!!
Yay, I have my very own Donna Troy!!
Unfortunately, until I saw the pic, I didn't realize that the reference I gave him didn't include a clear shot of the eagle on her chocker, so that's kinda not there. But I don't care, really. I LOVE IT!!!
I was planning on having Andy Smith do one, but he wasn't overly friendly really. And when I asked he said he was about to go to lunch. I offered to come back, he said around 2:30. So I got back there at about 2:45 and he still wasn't there. About 10 minutes later they announced he was doing a signing at the main entrance table. Around 3:45 I came back past Artist Alley and he was packing up to leave. Oh well.
I got one from Joe Staton, and he was just the nicest guy in the world. Constantly had a smile on his face. I even picked up a copy of Digital Webbing's E-Man #1 and he signed it. That was cool, too.
I'll have a bit more on the con in a later post. Right now, I'm tired and going to bed.

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