Fanboys Against Genitalia are going strong!

I'm sure everyone remembers the hubba-dubba surrounding Alex Ross' Citizen Steel cover on JSA. Even I talked about it. I even talked about how "the fear" surprisingly didn't apply to artists who aren't Alex Ross.

Well, apparently, the frightened fanboys are still out there!!!

Over at Comicbloc, a guy posted a warning: WAR HEROES #2 - Spoilers! NOT FOR CHILDREN!!
Never mind that the book carries a "Mature Readers" label. I guess it's okay for kids to read a book intended for adults, he didn't bring that up.
Never mind that every. single. page. contains "f*ck," "sh*t," "ass," or "c*ck" in the dialogue. I guess it's okay for kids to read that type of stuff, he didn't bring that up.
No. The problem was the book contained (warning! if you click the NSFW-link you will see) full frontal male nudity.
To the Comicbloc community's credit, every follow-up comment to the original post was along the lines of: "Dude, what's your problem?"
When you think about it: The majority of comics readers are male. And I'd guess that for a war comic, the percentage of male readers is even higher. D'ya think that maybe, at some point in their life, they may have seen one of those?

Over at the Dynamite Entertainment boards we've got a problem with Alex Ross covers...again.

Here we have a guy who posted the cover to BLACK TERROR #3 saying: "Someone might want to tell Alex to relax a little on genitals, looks kind of gross for a comic book cover; might want to darken a bit some of that happy brightness there big boy :-)"
He then takes it upon himself to fix the problem: "Imagine how far just 20 seconds of photo editor smudging can go into improving from an embarrassing situation [sic] ..."
"Since Alex Ross likes alternative covers, maybe he can honor us with an few seconds of his time to also give us a not so happy to see me cover...
"If not, then, I'll settle for an alternative cover by an other artist, or just a blank page. Maybe Dynamite Entertainment should put their company logo over the problem spot that month :-)"
Problem spot. LMAO!
Someone else points out that Alex Ross has "been doing this more and more lately, and it's striking me as kind of immature."
Who is immature?
Have these guys never seen a real life male-gendered being before. Do they not realize that male-gendered beings have genitalia that extends from the body? That when clothed, especially with tight material, that it causes a bulge?
WTF? Are they only comfortable around Ken dolls? Have they ever seen themselves in underwear?
Do they think: "I can tell the difference between a male and a female by looking above the belt! If it has boobies, it's female, if it doesn't have boobies, it's male. I don't need to see that!"

When was the last time you saw rabid fanboys complain about the state of female anatomy in comics? When was the last time someone felt compelled to "correct" an artist's "mistake?"
"OMG!! Wonder Woman has boobies!! Fix it! FIX IT!!!"
"So much better!!"

I'm just saying...


  1. You know that ticks me off too! I mean can fanboys just give it a rest as half of them are dressing up as their fav tight wearing superhero for Halloween and probably love the way the below the waste looks on them in the costume!

    What the heck are they afraid that just because their favorite superhero has a package below the waste that they might become gay buy looking at it or buying it...or maybe they are afraid people will think it's gay porn and by association that makes them gay. Wait! They are comic book readers right...I am sure they are already being called something.

    Besides I don't hear them complaining when Power Girl and her Mountains of Doom hit the scene in JSA Or as in your Wonder Woman picture...so protruding boobs are acceptable but covered limps between the legs aren't? I know plenty of women who read comics and giggle and awe when they see those lumps of pleasure LOL.

    It's time for people to grow up and accept the fact men and women are different and in tight clothes things are going to show! If you don't want reality in your comics...watch Cartoon Network.

    Sorry for rambling on...Long life the Alex Ross and his penchant for assuming men have penises!

  2. >>Long life the Alex Ross and his penchant for assuming men have penises!<<

    Hear, hear! As a woman, I've spent a lifetime having to look at comic book pages and covers loaded with idealized female bodies, and I've done it (mostly) without complaint. It's about time I got to look at male heroes who haven't been neutered by squeamish artists, dammit! LONG LIVE ALEX ROSS!!

  3. I think it is cool. More shlongs!