I love Lisa Hartman.

Oh gosh, this is just...wow!

I already have the original 1987 release, having bought it just months before it ended up in the cut-out bin. But still -- This is the awesome!sauce! I may have to buy another copy!!

Sorry, I know this is completely unrelated to comics (hence the "n things"), but my love for Lisa Hartman is kinda fanatical.

Now if only she'd record some new music...

[Having just proofread this post, I cannot believe this album is over 20 years old!! That blows my mind. Sometimes I guess I forget how old I am, LOL!]


  1. That's okay. :-) *I* still can't get over the fact that Batman: The Animated Series is nearly 20 years old!!!

  2. I gave up waiting for you to make me a copy and obtained a digital copy recently. I still have my old cassette of this. And surprisingly, the album holds up way, way, way better than I was expecting it to. And now a reissue. I've got to go look and see if there's bonus stuff on it.

  3. What's funny is -- I did make you a copy like months and months ago, it's just sitting there...well, it was sitting there waiting for me to mail it. Now I guess it's just going to keep on sitting there.

    I'm gonna guess that there'll be nothing extra on this one. It's not like Atlantic is reissuing it to see if there's a fanbase. It's being released by a company that does reissues of albums from the 70s and 80s based on requests they get. From what I hear, if one sells well, they reissue more from that artist. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll release her first three on CD, too.

    Of course, then I'd have to cry...

  4. Did you ever see Lisa in VALLEY OF THE DOLLS '81?
    Best cameltoe ever!!!