Project Superpowers: DYNAMIC MAN!

Today's PROJECT SUPERPOWERS Flashback Spotlight is on: Dynamic Man!

Dynamic Man has been one of the main forces of villainy in the first issues of PROJECT SUPERPOWERS, along with Dynamic Boy and their company Dynamic Forces.

Dynamic Man debuted in DYNAMIC COMICS #1 (October 1948) from Dynamic Publications, one of the many Harry "A" Chesler imprints. He was an android created by Dr. Moore to fight the forces of evil. Unfortunately, the good doctor died at the hands of black magic just as Dynamic Man was born.

Dynamic Man appeared in every issue of DYNAMIC COMICS #1-3, 8-24 (October 1941-March 1948) (There were no issues 4-7).

DYNAMIC COMICS #1 (October 1941)
story & art by ?
[the faux-cover features art from DYNAMIC COMICS #3 by Charles Sultan]

I'm glad Dynamic Man was able to rub out the Yellow Spot!! Just the name inspires fear!! I wonder if he'll be turning up in PROJECT SUPERPOWERS?

The real question is: How many times can I use the word "Dynamic" in single post...?

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  1. Yep, another classic super-hero with no pants. Gotta love 'em. ;-)