Best (?) Covers: DC Solicitations, May '08

Okay, this is the time of the month that I usually show the covers which I think stand out from the crowd in the DC and Marvel solicitations. (Okay, it should've been last week, but you'll get over it) The thing is: I don't think there really were any. Not one that was just a "wow" kind of image. Not from either company. There was just one that stood out and was pretty cool:


Of course, the big problem with this one is that I've read all the stories and this is basically a big bag of suck. Stories that suck while they suck away your money and suck away your time. But that cover is beautiful. I just love it.

Well, since I have nothing nice to say about May's covers, I'm gonna do a little complain':

TITANS #2 by Joe Benitez & Victor Llamas

First of all, where is Ian Churchill? Don't get me wrong, I don't want him on this series, but isn't he supposed to be the artist on it? And they already have a fill-in on the second issue!!??
Second: When did Raven get that rack? And how big is it that she's turned away from the reader...and you can still see it!!?
Finally: Who thought this was a good look for Donna Troy?
I couldn't have come up with a worse look, and everyone knows I'm no costume designer!

WONDER WOMAN #20 by Aaron Lopresti

This is actually a pretty nice cover. And I find the background intriguing. But I have a problem with her chestplate. Two actually. Don't get me wrong, Lopresti is the WW artist, and as far as I'm concerned, he gets to dictate the look. But if J G Jones is using the Dodson-styled chestplate for FINAL CRISIS, it's just going back to the old inconsistency crap.
Plus, I absolutely HATE the look of the crooked W. It's not the first time an artist thought he was being clever. And it just doesn't work. You cannot stylize the WW to look like an eagle. Get over it. Either do an eagle, or do the WW. That's why the Dodson design worked. He didn't try and morph the WW into an eagle, he just added accruments. So you got your WW and your eagle and the design worked. This one...not so much.

DC SPECIAL: RAVEN #3 by Damion Scott & Robert Campanella
URGH. Could it get any worse?

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  1. OMG, Donna's new costume sucks! Stick with the star field, DC!