Wonder Woman's Costume 101 - It's in the Details

I've always gotten angry when someone doesn't take the time to get Wonder Woman's costume right. I don't know why. It's not like she looks like someone else if an artist misses a detail. But they never do that with Superman or Batman.
And I'm not talking about doing a redesign. I mean, for example, when John Byrne restyled Diana's outfit, if she had made an appearance in another title and the artist there just decided to ignore what was current and do their own thing. I don't know if that happened then, but it's just an example.
Batman and Superman always look the same (barring artistic styling), but Wonder Woman is at the whim of whatever the artist wants to do. Jim Lee is the worst. Every time he draws Wonder Woman she's wearing a different outfit. And never the same one twice. Alex Ross blew it big time with the cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #12, he drew everyone in their current, modern, up-to-date outfits...well, everyone except for Wonder Woman. Go figure. She lucked out and got the tired, old standard Alex Ross-style look. I so would have bought that poster...

So what am I whining about? A couple days ago I said George Perez got it right in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #7.
I was wrong.
I guess I just wasn't paying attention. I was so happy that he got the eagle head and tail on the breastplate, that I guess I stopped looking.
Anyway, here's what he drew along with my adaptation of what he should've drawn:
If you don't see the differences, then you're probably just like everyone else.
It's time to take y'all to school. Class is in session.

Beginning near the end of 1982, Wonder Woman's eagle breastplate was replaced by one that looked like the one drawn by George Perez below on the left. Two W's stacked on one another with "branches" that extended from the sides. The "branches" were separated by third branch stuck inbetween. This is the way it remained until the end of INFINITE CRISIS and a redesign by Terry Dodson.
Terry Dodson's design (above, right) changed the placement of the third "branch." Now the branches of the two W's were next to each other, with the third placed below them. He also added an bird's head and tail to the W's to pay tribute to the eagle WW wore during the first 40 years of her existence. In BRAVE AND THE BOLD 7, George did get the eagle's head and tail, but he drew the two W's in a way that was familiar to himself, instead of the current, proper way.
Terry also gave Diana a double-W belt (overkill?). The W's actually form the belt. This is another mistake George made, he drew the belt as two W's with the belt extending from the sides of the W's. That one is a little nit-picky, and I'll go soft on it. But the breastplate should've been right, especially coming from a master of detail like Perez.

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