Wonder Woman and the Teen Titans...of Earth-462

Waaay back in INFINITE CRISIS #6 (MAY 2006), George Perez drew a two page scene which featured the Alex Luthor-recreated multiverse. In one of the panels, at the bottom between pages 6 and 7, was a scene from Earth-462. It was set during World War II and featured alternate versions of Wonder Woman and the Teen Titans. This immediately caught my eye, because the Wonder Girl depicted was the Debra Winger character from the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series.
The Wonder Woman however, was very different. This was the Wonder Woman portrayed by Cathy Lee Crosby in the 1974 TV-Movie that predated the Lynda Carter series. You can read all about it here.
Anyway, it caught my eye...except for the fact the colorist obviously didn't know or didn't care that this Wonder Woman had existed before, and colored her completely wrong. As bad as the movie was, it still has a small little place in my heart and it bugged me. So I decided to recolor it.
While I was at it, I decided to add color to the Titans characters to make them stand out more.
Below on the left is the scene as it appeared and to the right is my recolorization.

With the original blend-into-the-background coloring, it's a little harder to pick the Titans out. But the originals are all there: (clockwise from the bottom) Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, Wonder Girl and Aqualad.
Apparently I have to much time on my hands sometimes. LOL!

Okay, bye.


  1. great recoloring job on the the page... love your site and your love for Wonder Woman, Donna Troy and the Titans (same here)-- cheers!

  2. It was hard to get my mind around that bad Wonder Woman movie. Is it available on dvd, do you know? I'd love to see it again.

  3. Hey me! Glad you liked it! And the blog. It's fun. When I actually come around to do something...

    WALTERRRR! Nope, not on DVD. I believe it was released on VHS at some point, but good luck finding a copy. I have a bootleg of it on VHS, but it was recorded off some TV broadcast. I've wanted to transfer it to DVD, but my computer's a bitch.

  4. Your computer isn't the only bitch. :)

  5. This is awesome. When reading it originally I knew it was in reference to the Crosby WW, but hadn't seen the movie recently enough to notice the incorrect coloring. But much to my surprise, I had missed the Titans altogether. Thanks for pointing it out!