Wonder Woman 14 - Preview - November 14 2007

Newsarama has a preview of next week's big event: WONDER WOMAN 14, featuring the debut of Gail Simone's (hopefully lengthy) run as scribe of the Amazing Amazon. So I nicked it and here it is:

Written by Gail Simone
Art and Cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson


  1. I'm really excited for this. After over a year, the book is finallly ready to get itself back on track. Gail is amazing. It's too bad Allan didn't work out because I really loved his story. Maybe with the writer's strike happening, he can write a mini or something. It just sucks that my next comics delivery is in TWO weeks.

  2. I think Allan only ever intended to write the one story arc. I could be wrong.
    Surprised to see that I'm not the only person who didn't hate it. I hated the screwy delays that messed up the relaunch. But (with the exception of making Donna Troy incompetent) I liked the story. It was just fun. I don't need deep, meaningful angst. I like fun.