Ch'p of Earth-616?

Alrighty...this Green Lantern Corps member appears in SUPERGIRL #23 from DC Comics. I'm not sure who he is.

At first I thought he was Ch'p. But Ch'p is dead.

He could be Ch'p's successor, Bd'g...but Bd'g is usually represented by a character that looks more like an actual squirrel than a cartoon character.

So while I'm uncertain as to who this character actually is...
I am certain of one thing:

He's also on the cover of Marvel Comics' ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST - STAR-LORD #2:


  1. well according to the all-knowing wikipedia:

    "[Ch'p's] existence in the timeline is confirmed just prior to Infinite Crisis, as he is mentioned in a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern story from that period. He also appears in flashback panels in the current Green Lantern series."

    Soo...it COULD be Ch'p?

  2. Being as I'm not a Green Lantern historian, I actually used wikipedia to find out about Ch'p's replacement, Bd'g.
    The impression I got from Ch'p's entry, is that Ch'p is considered canon for the current state of the DCU, but I believe he's still dead.
    Either way, I was just more surprised to see him on the cover a Marvel comic than anything else.

  3. The GL in question is probably an homage/ripoff of Rocket Raccoon, the character currently enjoying a renaissance over at marvel. RR has often been compared with Ch'p with regards to their level of silliness.

    Ch'p is still officially dead, although someone should probably mention to those DC guys that he's a dangling plot leftover from the original Crisis. He was the only Earth 1 character who had his timeline erased by the Crisis, which means, given all that "52" stuff...he may be alive somewhere in the multiverse...

  4. that thing looks more like a racoon, ch'p is more like a mon anthro chipmunk.